2013: The album "Mantric Muse" is being well received. It comes out on vinyl thanks to a collaboration between Adansonia Records and Space Rock Productions. Small tour to Germany with Øresund Space Collective...

2012: The CD is finally released and Mantric Muse, now consisting of four members and a lot of cool sequence-stuff, plays two concerts: September at a private wedding and the long awaited release-concert December 1. 2013: Mantric Muse works with new numbers and the integration of Ola. Hopefully a handful of concerts will be played in Denmark and other places in Europe.

2011: Magnus is recording and mixing for the new CD. Ola Eriksson (Bland Bladen, Derango, Sibirien, Hooffoot, etc.) an old friend from the OSC, joins the band. The band only plays one single concert in 2011 based on pure jamming. This gig also includes Nicholas Hill on guitar.


2010: Magnus is recording and mixing for the new CD. New numbers are also being created in the rehearsal-room.

2009: Mantric Muse faces several technical challenges and has to re-record some tracks.

2008: Still recording and sequencing for the new CD.

2007: The problems of finding a new synth-player means that Magnus starts to seriously sequencing all the Mantric Muse tracks, thus the trio can sound like a quartet or even a symphonic unit. This is also the year that the band decides to step aside from OSC; new musicians with new ideas are needed to keep the project interesting! The three Mantric Muse members have now contributed to four studioalbums, the selftitled debut album, ‘It’s all about Delay’, ‘Black Tomato’ and ‘Inside your Head’, and also played several concerts with the OSC.

2006: Lots of jamming, recordings and concerts with the OSC. At the same time Mantric Muse records for the new CD and Magnus mixes a record for OSC (It’s all about delay) – a process lasting half a year. In the end of 2006 the band splits up with Mogens Deenforts but continues to enjoy playing with him in the OSC.

2005: Rehearsals with Mogens and a lot of jamming and recordings with the OSC. Mantric Muse also starts recordings for a new CD. The first CD from OSC is also released (selftitled).

2004: A new CD is ready but Mantric Muse is not happy with the result and chooses not to release the CD despite interest from a record label. Unfortunately that same year, Mikael Krog leaves the band. Few concerts but together with Dr. Space and the Swedish band Bland Bladen, Mantric Muse starts participating in long jamsessions in both Copenhagen and Malmö. The concept will later be known as Oresund Space Collective (OSC). In the end of 2004, Mantric Muse finds a new synth-member, Mogens Deenfort.

2003: Still jamming, rehearsing and recording tracks. Mantric Muse has also started playing concerts with among others, Hidria Spacefolk, Bland Blanden, Seid and Mr. Quimbys Beard. Mantric Muse also contributes to the compilation, ‘Copenhagen Space Rock Festival Compilation 2002’ with Dark Sun, DarXtar, Gas Giant, Pseudo Sun and Spacious Mind. The compilation is a teaser for a great event of space rock in Copenhagen, but sadly the event was never realized.

2002: Mikael Krog joins Mantric Muse on synths and guitar. The band continues jamming, rehearsing and also records material for a new CD.

2001: The EP ‘Picks in Space’ is released. The EP consists of the best of the tracks from the unreleased CD from 1998, but the tracks have been optimized and remastered. Mantric Muse spends most of the year jamming in the rehearsal room and is still searching for a synth-wizard. The band also records a short demo called ‘Squid’.

2000: Magnus and Michael team up with Søren Hvilsby on drums. Now, Mantric Muse is a trio capable of playing solid aquanautic rock. The rest of the year, the trio rehearses several of the older compositions but jamming is also an integral part of the process.

1999: Unfortunately, the band splits up due to disagreements on the future directions of the music but Magnus and Michael continue playing together and start a search for new members. In the following year they play together with a handful of drummers and synth-players, among these, the american scientist Scott Heller, later to be known as Dr. Space.

1998: The band chooses to change name to Mantric Muse and soon new members arrive. They are: Rune Svoller on keyboards, flute and percussion, Marie-Louise Bahn, Tahir Shah-Jee and Adwan Birksgaard on vocals. The year is full of activity and Mantric Muse plays several concerts and records a CD.

1997: A demo with three tracks on cassette tape is recorded. Several concerts are played, primarily in Copenhagen.

1996: The band Narnia is formed. Members are Magnus Hannibal on guitar, Jeppe Elmer on drums and Kristian Norup also on guitar. Soon Michael Kroglund joins the band on bass, and the rest of the year is spend on composing and a few concerts.